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How to become an EVPC resident

Two different training programs are provided by EVPC. More detailed information and the relevant forms for each of these programs is provided below.

  • The Standard Residency Training Programme (SRTP) is offered by an approved institution. An overview of the currently approved SRTPs is provided on the general information page.
  • The Alternative Residency Training Programme (ARTP) is an individually approved program for a resident and its supervisor.

All Residents must be supervised by an active EVPC Diplomate. Duration of the training programs is usually four years; retrospective recognition can be applied for max. 1 year of internship in the field of veterinary parasitology. The goal of the programs is to train the resident to be able to successfully sit the examination in order to become a Diplomate of the College. Training must include different aspects of veterinary parasitology including research, clinical training and diagnostic practice.

The EVPC Board reviews the initial application (see initial registration form below) to become an EVPC Resident and, if applicable, the application for dispensation from the licence to practice in the EU (*). The Education Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for the respective training program (SRTPs and ARTPs).

*Applicants who are not graduates of an EAEVE approved Vet School and/or who do not hold a license to practice in the EU must apply for dispensation. The EVPC Board can waive these requirements upon application. With the initial registration applications who require dispensation need to add an informal application for this together with the registration form and their informative CV.  A CV and a license to practice as veterinarian in the EU must be provided by applicants who do not apply for dispensation.

Requirements and application procedures 

Applications require information on the applicant including a copy of the initial registration form, a CV (template), documentation of the professional status (veterinary license), the respective application form with signatures of the applicant and the (first) supervisor and the (informal) description of the training programme. The requirements for the different programs are outlined in detail below.  In addition, further documentation may be necessary, e.g. application to waive the requirement to be licensed to practice in the EU (for graduates of Veterinary Schools not approved by the EAEVE), CV of further supervisors and mentors who are not EVPC Diplomates and other documentation, or application for retrospective recognition.

If you have any questions regarding the EVPC residency programs, please contact the Education Comittee.

Residency program application: information and forms

For both SRTP and ARTP: 

SRTP For Directors

SRTP For Residents

ARTP application (For Residents and Supervisors)



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